“The Resurrection (Immortality),” Jacek Malczewski, WikiArt.

Part 4: Æon, Epochs between Heartbeats

Realizing holy City of Mara’nan was divine
Illusion, Aprilia saw beyond veil of stone,
Inscriptions, and mosaic murals. She feared
Priests and students were apparitions, forms
Human-assumed, through which no breath
Or lifeblood flowed. Yet, ironies perplexed.
By deific stream, all life flowed, starlight-
Dust commingled, sacred seed, life instilled,
Exciting flesh and bone. With trepidation,
Aprilia approached Portal of Historia,
Petitioned for Naxos Isle home return.

As Aprilia knelt before misting archway,
Historia announced, “I understand.” Her
Concerns acknowledged in two echoing
Words. Aprilia’s gaze averted, “I must
Speak aloud.” In silence, Historia awaited.
“Please, I must return home to Naxos Isle.”
Images of Ægean Sea, stone cottages, sheep
Grazing on rocky slopes passed from her
Mind to sentient portal. “These things are
No more,” Historia whispered. “Decades
Have passed since your arrival, all you
Know and love has dust-crumbled.”

Hearing this, Aprilia collapsed upon marble
Floor, tears flowing, saliva drooling onto
Veined stone surface non-existing. Shining
Deity stepped from portal, lifting her to feet.
“You are my divine shepherdess, Aprilia.”
“Who are you?” “It is not who, but when.
We are plurality known as Æon. Epochs we
Discern between heartbeats, eons between
Mortal breaths. Whilst here, you benefited
From ageless time, free from disease,
Infirmities. If and when you leave here,
All blessings will be bereft.”

“Divine Shepherdess,” Miguel Cabrera, WikiArt.

With motion of two fingers, clifftops of Naxos
Isle appeared, verdant pastures, seashores of
Rippling tides, fishing boats, sails aloft, nets
Fish-heavy, idyllic ocean scene, neither real
Nor imaginary. Before Aprilia, parents and
Family appeared in form-assuming light.
“Are they real?” Aprilia asked, crying. “For
You, we have bestowed their souls with being,
All you see created by single thought. Here,
You may remain until…for as long as you
Desire.” Aprilia glimpsed words Æon had
Omitted, chaotic collapse of universe, souls
Absorbed into plurality of divine light.

What separates or defines mortal and divine? Perhaps they are akin, deific light
exciting fleshed bone into breathing life. As an allegorical character, Aprilia faces
new realizations in Holy City of Mara’nan. We are blessed with holy places,
whether altars, temples, or towns. Thanks for reading. 

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