“Meditation,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1902. WikiArt.

Part 2: Chariot-Descending Birth of Galen

Rugged cliffs of Naxos Isle, sheep-grazing
Grasslands, fishing villages, sailing boats
And nets, all things Aprilia loved, from her
Grip were taken. Cast upon time-distant
Cypriot seashores, she took to familiar hills
And shepherds. Into wilderness she wandered,
Quickening felt within her womb, no memories
Of marriage or bridegroom, never was she
By force taken. Indeed those who saw her,
Even from afar, recognized Aprilia as Sophia,
With reverent bows, salutations as “Sister”
Or “Mother,” according to customs or faith.

Aside from kindness of those she greeted, to
Aprilia new reality was nightmarish when
Offerings strangers brought: fruit, unleavened
Bread, honeycomb in jars, flowers placed at
Her sleeping pallet. No more could Aprilia
Tolerate strangers, their offerings or prayers.
Solace of wilderness she sought, no food or
Water, masquerade would come to bitter end.
“I renounce Historia,” she shouted, voice
Echoing from hills. “Yes, I renounce heaven,
Too, foreign skies!” Clothing torn from breasts
And body, sandals cast aside, Aprilia strode
Naked into desert wasteland.

“What are your intentions?” Historia asked,
Voice as flame swirling round her head.
“Who are you? Why do you haunt me?” “I am
Unrenounceable.” Tendrils upward twisting,
Sand spun into head-high columns, clouds
Coalesced into lentil of grey stone, within
Portal misty presence stated, “I am beginning
And end, record of past and present, events
To come.” In presence of Historia, Aprilia fell
To knees, carrying child divine. “I am wisdom,”
She responded in song. “Spirit ushering myriad
Of faiths, scripture, holy testaments.” By deific
Chariot, Sophia was lifted skyward in flame.

“Lambs,” William-Adolphe Bouguerau, 1897, WikiArt.

As Sophia wheeled upward to celestial sphere,
Historia stated, “Behold clear skies! Choices
And actions realized, young life given.” Child
Moving arms and legs, growing unto its term.
Lo! Altar fires burned anew, prophet’s first
Breath, mind star-bright, chariot-descending
Mother and son, Galen named, both draped in
Flowing cloth, ushered to mountaintop cave,
New religion emerging, all things origins have,
Pages unwritten until penned, child ambrosia
Fed, ancient papyri read, advent of Age of
Wisdom, mystical, praise to divine, Galen,
“Healer” and holy mother, Aprilia-Sophia.

“[Galen] some things you will think of yourself…some things
God will put into your mind.” Homer, The Odyssey” 

History, wisdom, birth, and wilderness are allegorical concepts
arising beyond the literal, in this instance from of fictional poetry,
inviting thought, further interpretation, perhaps reading classics.
Thanks for reading. 

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