“Historia,” Nikoaos Cyzis, 1892, Wikipedia.

Part 1: Portal of Historia Discovered

Music of sheep bells, melodies of Aprilia’s
Childhood, clouds scudding over Ægean
Islands, rocky pastures, shepherd-family
Raised, rhythm of tides and ocean currents,
Clifftop rambling, Aprilia discovered marble
Post and lintel, remnants of ancient temple
Door, languages inscribed thereon, Aprilia
Entered portal, time changed, window to
Greek dark ages. Stepped back she did, time
Turned round, yet hillside Naxos cottages
And ocean-side were foreign to her eye.

“You have touched time,” voice announced,
Echoing from beyond. “What do you seek?
“I am just exploring,” Aprilia explained.
“What is this door, this place?” “You have
Touched time,” quavering voice repeated.
“Who are you?” she asked. “I am Historia,
Beginning and end, portal by which to judge
Or witness past events. Enter.” Hearing this,
Aprilia backward stepped, marble doorway
Returned as it was, earth exposed, remnant
Of time-rent archaic ages.

Alas! All Aprilia surveyed, commanding
View of Ægean Sea clifftops, was not her
Home, not as remembered. Mud-brick
Huts replaced cottages of hand-cut stone,
Shorelines raised or lowered, new keys
Formed, time unhinged, effects of marble
Vestibule. Looked upon herself, Aprilia was
Of ancient seafaring clans, tongues and
Customs strange, sheer green gown trans-
Formed to coarser cloth, shells adorned
Dark-braided hair. Aprilia was with child.

“The Annunciation,” Edward Burne-Jones, 1879, WikiArt.

Her world spinning, Aprilia returned to
Marble portal, attempted to decipher
Texts in languages foreign. “Who am I,
Where am I?” she asked aloud, expecting
Immediate reply. “Sophia is your name,
Mother of divine wisdom, understanding,
Breath of God.” Glimpses of of prior life
Aprilia recalled, like scudding sea-clouds
Before the storm. “Cyprus is your birth-
Place, languages your calling, home you
Have returned, within your womb, prophet
Grows, behold your destined glory.”

New series of poems, beginning on Naxos Isle, moving in
time and place to ancient Cyprus, 5th century B.C.E.,
allegory of time and wisdom. Thanks for reading.

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