"Soir Antique," Alphonse Osbert, Petit Palais, Paris, 1908, Wikimedia photo. For this poem Four Pleiad Sisters.
“Soir Antique,” Alphonse Osbert, Petit Palais, Paris, 1908, Wikimedia photo.

Yes, I grasped ageless hands extending
From scudding sea clouds, ascending on
Fanciful flight, tempestuous winds, foam-
Streaked seas, clouds billowing, tethering
Chains released, we embraced in shining
Mists, radiant sunlight bathed, ancient
Ægean cambion, she knew many decades
As my worldly days, this blesséd morn
We would Sapphic lovers be.

Eyes dark and olive skin, she elevated
Me to alluring heights, my face pressed
To buoyant breasts, ambrosial founts that
Nursed deities Naxos-island raised. Rippling
Cerulean seas, struggling fingers slipped,
Steadily descending, intoxicating nectars,
Such sweet affections, strains of lute and
Lyre, tender mercies given and received
On idyllic apricot evenings.

There I stayed, shameless and unafraid,
I cared not for myself, for all I knew was
Time-torn, enduring realms we swayed,
Seabirds darting windswept waves, elevated
Beyond what mortals could behold, our
Passions above those ever known, I gave
Myself completely, body and soul, until
Cast from trysting-heights to these cold-
Harbored shores, her taste still on my lips.

Who is this dark-eyed, olive-skin women from Greek antiquity?
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