“Seagulls,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1871, WikiArt.

Family said I was too young to remember,
Childhood memories, events time-blurred,
sea-storms, clouds descending, orchards
Uprooted, vineyards laid to waste, mother
Crying, hearth fires flickering, howling
Winds, unable to sleep, taking shelter of
Stone archway, dreams reoccurring from
Thousand years past, as Anthea, daughter
Of fishing family, Ionian island of Kythira,
Ancient tombs and towers.

Rebuilding took years, some living beneath
Upturned boats and tents made of stretched
Sails, pallets for beds, dwellings rubble piles,
Timber roofs collapsed. Stone upon stone,
We rebuilt, as adolescent girl, I learnt sailing,
Nets and ropes, working wind and waves,
By nets catching fish on cerulean seas. Lo!
I realized storms, calm seas were nature’s
Expression, reading passing clouds, weather
Changing, respect and prayers offered.

Time passed in dreamy light, tween living
And dead, another lifetime in colder climes,
Maine rocky shores. Daughter of lobster
Fishing family, Andrea, we hailed from Casco
Bay. I remember Nor’easters, two feet of
Wind-blown snow. Yes, clouds descended as
In ages past, opaque and heavy, uprooted
Trees, power-lines down, coastal regions
Went dark, fireplace burning, shelter of
Stone archway in our red-brick house.

“Memories of young women, sea-storms past and present…”

Rebuilding began in spring, papa working
Construction, my job sternman on lobster
Boats, learning warps and baiting traps, huge
Brick-weighted wire baskets, polyballs and
Lines, hauling three traps per warp, stripe-
Painted bullet buoys, silent prayers whilst
Navigating narrow channels cluttered with
Dozen buoys. Anthea and Andrea, memories
Of young women, sea-storms past and
Present, both working on the water.

This is the last of three poems where a young woman poetically expressed past memories, voices from antiquity visiting over holidays, gone for now. 

Impending Nor’Easter and blizzard conditions for Maine. See link: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/blizzard-to-blast-new-england-as-storm-snarls-travel-in-mid-atlantic/70000402

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