"Waterfall," Abdullah Suriosubroto, WikiArt photo.
“Waterfall,” Abdullah Suriosubroto, WikiArt photo.

Part 3: Revolution of Time

Lo! Water sprang forth from granite face,
Clear-purified by Sylvan light, taste soul-
Refreshing, cleansing. On knees, double-
Cupped my hands, drinking deep thereof,
Thirst relieved at feet of divine presence.
For Berylia, desires were youth yearning,
Crone, age-bent, undressed, fitful laving
As birds in bath, splashing agéd face,
Wizened breasts, limbs bone-thin.

Youthful restoring effects to no avail,
Berylia fist assaulted Sylvae, throwing
Herself into their radiant light, flesh and
Soul incinerated. “She is no more,” they
Said aloud. “All that she was and known,
Celestial fires consumed.” Hearing this,
To ground I fell, Ekho in my arms, her
Soul I felt evaporate, as scrap of yarn
Cast in hearth coals, lost to fiery sparks.

All things born of moisture, mother’s blood
And milk. Thus are Ancient Sylvae, living
Fount of watery light gushing from stone
Fountainhead. Blessed beyond Berylia, divine
Wisdom cleaved Iolanthe’s mind, tumult of
Flowing tears, oracular soul lifted to solar
Atmosphere, attending sea of mortal woes,
Heart of shepherdess upwelled with prophetic
Verse and song, reverenced rhapsodies.

"Oak Grove," Ivan Shishkin, 1887, WikiArt.
“Oak Grove,” Ivan Shishkin, 1887, WikiArt.

Prostrate in divine streams, Iolanthe spoke,
“All things sung and unsung, seen and
Unseen, I pray you restore Berylia to her
Own time. She understood not waters in
Which I lay. Lo! Hillsides quaked, giant
Oaks fell. “Who so stands gods corrected?
For shepherdess has power over nothing,
Yet causes revolution of time.” As Ancient
Sylvae decreed, Berylia time-returned to
Long-desired childhood days.

“All things are from water, and all things are resolved into water.”
according to Thales, pre-Socratic philosopher.

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