“Profile,” Carlo Maria Mariani, 2000, WikiArt.

Few cups of grain, first fruit, figs and fish,
I approached Demeter, praying petitioners
On temple steps, to priestess they relied,
Responsibilities of maiden priestess, I
Addressed marble statue, not in worship
But in prayer. “Demeter, this Kyra. Do you
See and hear those in need? What words
May I offer? Your wisdom, relief from
Summer drought and heat.” Statue light
Shimmering, back I stepped, looked away,
Not in fear of goddess, but briefly losing
Sight, stumbling onto naos floor.

“Sacrifice one bull, blood spilled in altar
Bowls, entrails read aloud,” Demeter stated
To mind and ears. “Thus repelling adverse
Heat, ushering down-poring rains, dark
Clouds originating on Ægean Seas.”

“Bridge over a River, Santiago Rusinol, 1884, WikiArt.

Words of Demeter I repeated on temple
Steps to anxious farming families: “This
Growing season will be saved, abundant
Harvests I envision, blessings of Demeter.”
My words rang untrue. Rains would come
As foretold, fields washed away, olive trees
Uprooted, all they owned lost to storming
Seas. Reasons beyond understanding,
Blighted farmlands, curse known in every
Tongue, tears flowing, prayers meaningless,
So it is and shall be, ancient punishment
Upon their heads.

Legend lost to time, soldiers trapped
Immortal hero’s son on stone bridge,
Horses hooves, chariot wheels, death by
Trampling. Lo! Abandoned by gods, fates
Downward turned, stream dried, bridge
Crumbled, fields barren for generations.

Late-night musings: allegory,  interpretation, sacrifice,
voices without bodies sensed upon the aether.  

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