“Allegory of Peace and War,” Pompeo Batoni, 1776, Wikimedia.

In solemn reflection, I required years to fathom
Who we were and what we had, a unique love,
Burdensome secrets that gnawed upon my soul
For decades, sins unforgivable, discovering
Eternal bliss, pleasured moments shared by
Gentle touches, knowing glances, feted adoration
Transcending, surpassing any since known,
Youthful enlightenment turned to inquietude,
Ages of mortal decay.

Against unspeakable disparities, we loved to
Excess, instinctively enamored, divine perfection
Attained, heart, psyche, and nascent sexuality.
Without hesitation or question, we were elevated
To luminescent clouds of heroic gods, to dwell
Amongst columned temples, proud monuments,
Without regard for sickness, suffering and under-
Trodden, blessed with peaceful harmonies, alive
To life’s senses, grotesque, and sublime.

Thus are my time-hewn pages, indelible verses
Inscribed upon my forehead, to behold Athens
Restored, my paradise regained at Milton’s hand,
To live and breathe again on Ægean shores, so
Pure the air, to wander olive groves, passions
Renewed, promised, yet crushed at Acropolis steps
Overlooking seas cresting, cerulean delights turned
Dark despair, for I cannot challenge fates, gentle
Hands, alluring eyes, angst of unrequited love.

“The Shrine, ” John William Waterhouse, 1895, Wikiart.

On this bright morn, I felt a presence at catacomb
Marble steps, a child, pure of heart, unsuspecting
Innocence, paused to partake fragrance of rose
Blooms, to reflect of lost loves, and by chance,
She awakened my mind anew, stirrings entombed
In marble, buried bones, chance to ascend to
Heavenly heights, I care not what form, male or
Female, to once again hail ancient Athens as my
Home, sovereign empire of the gods.

Reconstruction of the Acropolis and Areus Pagus in Athens.
“Acropolis of Athens,” Leo von Klenze, Wikipedia photo, 1846.
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