“Classical Landscape,” Konstantin Bogaevsky, 1910, WikiArt.

Part 4: Through Iola, Ægea Speaks

Mountaintops overwhelmed, light cloud-
Ascending, thunders echo-rumbled, Iola
And goddess metamorphosed, maiden
Ignorant of ways of men, lifted to position
Of the spheres, two spoke as one, divine
Voice in mortal form, resonating, advent
Of golden age of peace. “She is me, I am
Her,” goddess advised. Shepherds on
Bended knee asked, “Mother, how should
we call you?” “I am Ægea, Holy Mother,
Deific Sister, dozen names and faces
Originating from earth’s antiquity.

At her nod, Ambrose and Cynara stepped
Into sunbeams, melding, transforming into
Reptilian beings, rock reclining, entwined
Sun-warming, scaled creatures of earth
Primordial before race of men. “We were
Present before cosmic elements of earth,
Water, and fire, crucible of molten rock,
Blacksmith’s skill, fire-glowing metals
Hammer-shaped by eye and will,” Ægea
Advised. “From clay, divine breath we
Fashioned, bones and sinew, man arose in
Our image made, spread across the land.

“Holy Mother, we search wisdom of one
God,” shepherds stated. “Through Iola,
Ægea replied. From this mountain temple,
One eternal fount, our wisdom flows,
Sacred spring, rocky waterfalls, cascading
Streams, river forging, across farmlands,
Fields. For those who raise cup to goodness,
Godliness, our love and wisdom spills to
Lands near and far, each interpretations
Of divine, none better or richer than the
Other. Our priests and priestesses speak
Of this, followers worshiping in sunlit
Glens and glades, offerings made, one
Voice brings one message: wisdom divine.”

“Mountain Landscape,” Konstantin Bogaevsky, 1940, WikiArt.

“Yet, man reckons himself god-equal,”
Ægea continued, “in ignorance desiring
Wealth and power. Yet, before him awaits
Wisdom of all things, not warring armies,
But expressions of creation, motion of life,
Trees wind-moving, seeds to stout oaks
Sprouting, reverence of maternal womb,
Child’s face, eye’s reflecting love’s celestial
Lights. Here, souls are fulfilled, to extent
Filing, for not all can perceive, least not in
Beginning. Thus are personal journeys of
Faith, spiritual growth, divine essence.”

“Circe Invidiosa, John William Waterhouse, 1892, WikiArt.

You will find from another, from Memory’s lake, cold water coming forth; but there exist guardians at the front. To say: “Earth’s child am I and starry heaven’s; however, my origin is heavenly; this you know yourselves; I’m under great thirst and perishing; but give quickly cold water from Memory’s lake.” And they will give you to drink from the divine fountain, and then you will reside with the other heroes.
– Oriphica, “From Man, You Became God”

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