"Temple of Æsculapius," John William Waterhouse, 1877.
“Temple of Æsculapius,” John William Waterhouse, 1877.

Before volcanos erupted on Kimolos island,
Ancient Ellinka crumbled into foaming seas,
Alexon, son of fishing Greek island family,
Fell into fitful fevers, humours imbalanced,
As Hippocrates prescribed, sips of willow
Bark tea, relieving chills and sweats. As he
Skirted consciousness, Alexon chanted in
Archaic verse, hymns predating island-
Dwellers, Mycenaean stone-built houses.

Alexon writhing in delirium, holy voices in
Unison cried lyrical clear-flowing streams,
“We are dawn, we are sea clouds, breath of
Ocean trees, our collective consciousness
This boy so occupied with infirmity.” “Who
Are you?” Alexon’s parents asked, fearing
possession by spirits dark. “Pæeon, remedies
Of all things, divine healing personified.”

Unconvinced, his parents attempted to wrest
Young Alexon away. “We are things unthought
And unimagined, healing faith, recipient of
Prayers, since time and flame first kindled,
This child shall be so shared. By his face and
Eyes, you shall know duality with the Beyond,
sun-burnished gaze, we are present in simple
Ways, flowers of the field, seen and unseen,
With this your son has agreed.”

Recovered from fevers, son-deity Alexon was
Curious, playful child, learning nets and sails,
Skipping sea-thrown stones. At night, nimbus
Light shown about him, his soul instilled with
Verse and song: “Know gods through kindness
And charity, your heart rich as fertile fields,
Friendship our messenger, providing for those
In need, medicines and food, for as much as
Alexon is enlightened, Pæeon is at his side.”

On papyri his family recorded versed songs,
Parables and teachings, stone tablets told of
Faith and healing of Kimolos Island pilgrims,
Prayers and offerings, those blessed lived
Happily and long, shrines and temples built,
Miracles of Alexon spread to Greek mainland,
Young prophet, truth and light, heart-touching
All who listened, his parents at his side.

"Stormy Seashore with Ruined Temple," George Lambert, 1747, WikiArt photo.
“Stormy Seashore with Ruined Temple,” George Lambert, 1747, WikiArt photo.

To pantheon of gods, Alexon’s voices were
Threat, bowels of earth enraged, conflicting
Forces erupting in molten stone, Kimolos
Island quaking, temples collapsing, villages
Swallowed by waves, Alexon, his family lost,
Such madness between high-rivaling gods,
Teachings of fisher child, Sea Lord Poseidon
Laid waste to Kimolos Island, stone-built
Houses reduced to crumbling tombs.

Historically, earthquakes fractured Kimolos Island
from nearby Milos Island. Ancient city of Ellinka
Fell into the sea (with 8 photos on Ellinka page.)
For this poem, Poseidon, god of seas, rivers, and
earthquakes, caused devastation to Ellinka in
retribution for “Alexon and Pæeon.”

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