“Petra, Ruins of Triumphal Arch,” David Roberts, WikiArt.

Part 3: Clymere, Entering Ethereal Car

Last glances of shores receding, Attic fishing
Village, familiar boats, bright wings lost in
Sun-shimmering sky and waves, my god-gifted
Daughter, Alegrea, and I, Cyreme, to Kyrenia,
Cyprus sailed, two-mast merchant ship, upon
Heaving seas, Alegrea slept, heeling oaken hull
Tween her and ocean-origins deep, mysteries of
Assailing waves, nameless elder sage, Kingdom
Of Marion, ancient race and reign, secrets of
Alegrea’s shawl revealed, in faith we strove,
Commitment, baptism by sea-spray.

By radiant light, my heart overthrown, unable
To speak was I, aside to acknowledge, entering
Ethereal car, unfixed from sailing ship and
Ægean Seas, swan wings on thunder-stormed
Clouds, I witnessed Alegrea’s creation, mortal
Marrow admixed with deific thought, goddess’
Womb, star-swept destinies, two mothers,
Pressed breast-to-breast, blood-letting arrow
Loosed, both together pierced, dart uniting,
Transforming, soul swooning and assuming,
By gods’ decree, Alegrea is mine, I am hers.

O! Cymere, life is oft low tide-exposed sea-
Shore, dreams dashed upon dangerous rocks.
Love your girl-child for tumult awaits, tomb
Resurrected bones, harsh realities as Cypriot
Mountain peaks approach. Repelling lioness,
In unyielding faith, bronze sword flowing,
Defend Alegrea with life-blood. Lo! Darkness
Revitalized anticipates her purity of heart,
Unsuspecting innocence, chance for power
Ascending, once enchained, now free-roaming,
City of Gold reclaiming, and yes, enslaving.

Thus, days and nights we sailed to Kyrenia,
Prayers to mountain fiery light. We longed
For holy supper, soul sustaining honeyed
Bread and fruit, merging with divine, ocean-
Voyage preparation. Yet, upon white-crested
Waves, rigging, sails wind-stretched, timbers
Sea-moaning, Alegrea by my side, sand in
Hourglass pouring, each grain treasured
Moments, sweet sunrises, sunsets, navigating
Life’s mysteries, cast the lead, mark depth,
Together our fates are sealed.

“Slave Market,” Jean-Leon Gerome, 1866, WikiArt.

Welcomed by circling gulls, columns and
Quays of Kyrenia port, awaiting anchored
Ships of sail, trading copper, bolts of wool,
Amphorae of wine, olive oil. Stranger with
Us offered his bronze dagger, amber amulet,
His advice: “Holy Mother, difficult it is to
Discern all that one’s eyes see; for many
Wayfarers pass this way, some bent on evil,
Some on good, difficulty knowing each one.”
Cloaked messenger, long-horned oxen awaited
Us, upon cart, they traveled not mountain
Trails but turned backwards upon us.*

*Adapted from “The Homeric Hymns,” “IV To Hermes,” lines 194-222, translated by Hugh G. Evelyn White, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, London, 1995, p.379.

For more on City Kingdom of Marion, textbook, “City of Gold,” see these
informative links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tj2JbUd7Sc


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