"Nymph with Morning Glory Flowers," Jules Joseph Lefebvre, Wikimedia photo, for this poem Agathé.
“Nymph with Morning Glory Flowers,” Jules Joseph Lefebvre, Wikimedia photo, for this poem Agathé.

Child of Kalchis, Agathé trespassed into
Temple of Apollo, silent feet on marble
Floors, slender frame through massive
Bronze doors slightly left ajar, she sipped
From naos holy cup, ambrosia of the gods.
An innocent delight, at first she felt no ills,
Sweet as Dianthos blooms, mortal minds
Enlightened, visions past and unfolding.

Her father a sailing merchantman, Agathé
Found ships of sail fascinating transiting
Ægean Seas, trading olive oil and wine
Amongst Cyclades. A restless soul, Agathé
Honoured her parents equally as the gods.
After tasting nectarine ambrosia, she fell
Into deep trance, her mind roaming timeless
Oceanic shores, dawn of archaic Greece.

Found limp and cold by her parents, barely
Breathing, Agathé had left her adolescent
Body, sighted as the gods, she witnessed
Fleeting decades, souls drifting after death,
Those rebirth awaiting, sea-storms and earth-
Quakes, emerging Athenian city-state, early
Shipping routes, Agathé’s time-trespassing
Drew scorned attention of primal gods.

“Who art thou, child?” stentorian Oceanus,
The circling stream, asked Agathé’s errant-
Traveling soul, thought-words of lucent brine
Echoing from Mount Athos to Gibraltar. Too
Time-torn to escape, she responded, “Agathé,
My Sea Lord, visions I have seen, great storms
And wars, horrors yet to pass, protection of
My family from impending doom.”

“Only one of these you may relate,” Oceanus
Advised “if you promise to time-trespass
Ne’er again, for these are challenges to Greece,
To every woman, child, and man.” When she
Told of earthquakes toppling Colossus of
Rhodes, her parents presented her to Apollo’s
Priests, where Agathé’s visions were judged
Hysteria, bleeding adolescent female.

Stunned, Agathé fell into another trance,
Trembling before Apollo’s altar, her body
Limp and cold, she time-trespassed to days
Of Homer’s Greece, reciting from unknown
Ancient text: “Alas, my blood in torrents runs
As Trojans in their sleep, menarche to matri-
Arch, Hera, goddess Hero, worshipped and
Enthroned before rule of man, city-states.”

“Of nectarine ambrosia I have tasted, sight
Of Blessed gods,” Agathé began, “visions
Given, my soul wrested from my body,
Horrors I have witnessed, word-thoughts
Of Oceanus, testing every Greek woman,
Child, and man, we will plunge into open
War, temple columns toppled by foreign
Invaders, Greece against the Rome Republic.”

"Mount Athos," Michael Clarke Stuff, 2012, Wikipedia photo.
“Mount Athos,” Michael Clarke Stuff, 2012, Wikipedia photo.

Having disobeyed Oceanus by revealing her
Visions, ancient Sea Lord transformed Agathé
To a dancing nymph. Sequestered to shores
And grottoes of Mount Athos overlooking the
Ægean Sea. Mortal and divine spirit, Agathé
Sang of ambrosia-induced insights, miracles
And disasters, in view of her father’s passing
Merchant ships to and from the Cyclades.

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