“Godhead Fires,” Edward Burne-Jones, 1878, WikiArt.

Part 2: Divergent Daughters Two

When goddess took my hand, into another
Realm I entered, one of enlightenment and
Reason, beyond noise of earth-dimming
Thought, adulterated pleasures, my soul
Stretched, limits of mortal understanding,
Divine glimpsed, embraced, joyous tears
Amongst firmament of stars, time, creation,
Eternity, such majesties revealed, ecstasies
Fulfilled, swoon-sleeping within her arms,
Rebirth preparation, years, decades passed,
Single consciousness we shared, Aeriel and
Althea blended, distilled in deific light.

For as many times, I had given myself in
Sex, mistress or mother-making, delights
Of flesh, faint they fell to rapture-release
Into silvered light, absorbed, my soul recast,
Potter to clay, turning wheel, guiding hands
Reshaping, fire-glazing kiln. O! Touched by
Gods, with understanding, my vessel filled.
Had I Althea transformed or had she merged
With me? By her words, “Sleep now,” I was
Warmth-swaddled, without concerns or
Cares, my being ascended airy heights,
Thoughts divine.

O! Aeriel, we dance and sing, how gods
Shine favour on thee, mortal woman, mother,
Loving Intercourse, child-bearing expressions
Of divine, serpent entwined with Althea,
Suitor takes your new earth mother as you
Slumber, seed planted on clear Attic night,
beneath far-shooting stars, birth of infant
Girl, mortal and divine, such secrets your
Mother will discern, as Althea and Aeriel
Revealed enigmatic two-selves, invisible
Made visible, dreams gods instill, divergent
Daughters two realized in body one.

Separateness of self, until formative years,
Althea and I remained same. Life amongst
Farms and fields, with dolls I played, child’s
Make believe, whereas Althea her doll in
Sequestered closet kept, stone-stick built
Dollhouse of columned steps, our mother
Recognizing temple naos. Althea’s doll was
Rustic goddess, revered deific concealment.
As such, Althea spoke of things beyond
Her age, in conflict with advising priests,
Our beliefs, vexing dark-haired child who
Words carried wisdomed truth.

“Astarte Syricaca,” Dante Gabriel Rossetti,” 1878, WikiArt.

“Release these animals for sacrifice,” Althea
Commanded on steps of Demeter’s temple.
“Give them to sick and poor, along with
Contents of temple repositories. Gods have
No need of food nor wealth.” Witnessed this
From behind Althea’s fiery eyes, adolescent
Girl, berating temple priests. “Temper your
Words,” I offered to my other self. “Temple
Priests are used to what they know. Perform
Healing rites in name of Demeter, welcome
Offerings, expressions of gratitude to gods.”
Reluctant, Althea yielded.

To be divinely right but wrong in eyes of men, assembled crowds, temple priests,
what condemnation would Althea’s outbursts bring to her, to Aeriel? Consider
words of the chorus. From ethereal heights, they know and see all.
Thanks for reading. 

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