“Saint Sebastian,” Gustave Moreau, 1870, WikiArt.

Part 7: Mother’s Secret Song

Scaffolding collapsed, stone carver trapped
Beneath marble stone, brief moments of life,
Theon and Æliana beckoned. “Father, I am
Dying,” Artisan said to pair. Theon knelt
Beside him, Æliana hand placed upon son’s
Shoulder. “Take my hand,” said Theon. “Tell
Me of home.” “I am there, father,” responded
Stone carver, face pale. “My house, sunny
Orchards, wheat fields, warmth.”

Theon increased his grip, divine life forces
Of young prophet pouring into dying artisan.
“Familiar faces welcoming, beaming light, no
Pain, father.” Reassuring, Æliana squeezed her
Son’s shoulder. It was time. “Are you ready to
Cross to other side?” Theon asked. Nods from
Artisan. “My wife, family, I love them.” When
Theon released his hold, stone carver breathed
His last, eyes darkened, entering death’s door.

After silent moments, Æliana offered, “You
Ushered him to place of peace.” Theon nodded,
Affected by what transpired, he sustained the
Artisan’s life by his touch, life forces given
To stone-crushed man. “Time to prepare in
Warmth and light,” responded Theon. “I did
What was necessary, our strength, mother,
Became his strength, love and faith of gods.”
In reassurance, Æliana squeeze her son’s arm.

“Evening,” Gustave Moreau, 1887, WikiArt.

Alas! When Æliana disrobed for evening bath,
Bruising she found upon waist and legs, weight
Of marble slab upon her body. Such suffering
Willingly accepted, in time passing, for as
Theon’s mother, she gave of herself in love,
Maternal life forces at his birth and with dying
Artisan, hand placed upon her son’s shoulder.
O! Voices of wisdom, mother’s secret song,
Æliana’s gift of life, flesh and bone.

Dreamt last night, verses upon my pillow, this poem
series of Æliana poems. Perhaps she will
re-emerge anew, a
nother character from antiquity.
Thank-you for reading my 800th poem.  

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