“Young Woman of Albano,” Camille Corot, 1872, WikiArt.

Part 6: Æliana’s Calling

How do gods a prophet make? Clay tablets
In form of deific thought tumbling from
Sky to receptive hearts? Deific light on
Water reflecting to unsuspecting eyes?
Æliana lived in duality of worlds, mother
With newborn son, Theon, her prayers for
Divine calling, messenger or prophetess.
On distant hills, Dolius awaited gods’
Decisions for rambling mountain pair.

For Æliana, understanding and fount of
Wisdom arose upon heights of heaven,
Above breadth of rock-strewn wilderness,
Ability translating other tongues, verses
As water running free, reaching reticent
Hearts of men, righteousness kindled by
Prayer and godly love, good works and
Tender mercies, or by resounding thunder-
Claps, men serving families as fathers,
Sons, and elders wise.

Her footsteps light-following, Æliana carried
Bundled burden upon her breast, Theon,
Head radiant nimbus shown, mother’s duties
Raising god-child, scriptures translated at
Dolius’ hermitage. Upon windswept night,
Firmament of stars, silver moon, Æliana
Calling received, heart-humbling and
Marrow-deep. Alas! That which she sought,
Was equally seeking her, divine messenger,
Words soul-healing as balms and oils.

“Jacob with Flock of Laban,” Jusepe de Ribera, WikiArt.

Years passing, Æliana remained in Cyprus,
Caring for Theon and age-feeble Dolius,
Secrets of City-Kingdom of Marion, they
Discovered, archaic origins of wisdom as
Woman, first realized on distant Cypriot
Mountaintops, revered by ancient gods,
Living prophetess. Lo! New prophet emerged,
Theon, wisdom and divine admixed, new
Chapters beginning, this poem completes.

Some poems begin “medias res”; however this poem
ends in “the middle of things” as it is time for Theon
to take his place poetically in a new series with his
mother, Æliana, and declining Dolius. See Part 7.

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