“Interior of the Tomb,” Jan Matejko, WikiArt

Part 5: Tomb of Unknown God

Effects of Dolius’ potion subsided, Æliana
Realized austere seashores, mounts of
Cyprus were not her home, nor was Dolius’
Ocean hermitage, passages deciphered on
Clay tablets, copper sheets, terracotta
Statuettes, representing ancient divine,
City-kingdom of Marion, tomb of unknown
God, grave stelae inscriptions revealed
Theos lived to old age amongst faithful.

Centuries buried under brick and stone,
Walls built over walls, villages razed to
Ground, sanctuaries and burials, grave
Gifts for eternal life. In holy presence of
Deific bones, Æliana bowed, forehead
Touching marble altar, bony dust inhaled,
Entering beating fetal heart, brain, quaking
Abdomen, unknown god awakened, Æliana
Living vessel, became mother of divine.

Water breaking, Æliana fell to knees upon
Prophet’s frayed robes, Dolius guided as
Crown emerged from chalice, blood spilling
Into altar bowls as ordained thousand years
Before, krater dish destiny, once whole, clay-
Shattered, fate’s turn of potter’s wheel.
Libation of red wine pouring, prophet born
Again as Theon, beholding Cypriot bright-
Beamed sun, first breaths of salt-sea air.

“Madonna with Child,” Orest Kiprensky, 1809, WikiArt.

Sealed union of mother, son, and divine,
Æliana carried young Theon into mountain
Wilderness, Dolius left behind. Journey of
Pathless rocky slopes, food and water, they
Receded into cloud-veiled light. In faith,
Æliana prayed for son’s calling. Alas! Raven
Wings outstretched, blue-filleted daughter
Restored. Wisdom guided Æliana’s first
Footsteps to from Œtean to Cypriot
Summits high.

Account of Æliana, Theon, and Dolius continues upon 
Cyprus mountain peaks. 

References of City-kingdom of Marion were derived from (not quoted) “City of Gold:
Archaeology of Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus.” edited by William A. P. Childs, et al,
Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2012 & 2013.

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