"Sabinella," John William Godward, 1912, WikiArt.
“Sabinella,” John William Godward, 1912, WikiArt.

Part 3: Conflicting Fates

Enchanted fillets hair-entwined, coupled
Twin sisters across transparent skies,
Benevolent thoughts and deeds imparted
Windy motion to waving wheat and trees,
Divine forces rustics witnessed and
Believed, Æliana prophetess perceived,
Scriptural verses on papyri, for they
Prayed to mother Wisdom in matters
Large and small, guidance of Œtean gods.

Yet, Æliana left protection of sisterhood,
Living mortal girl, wisdom lost to feelings
Anew, yearnings of bare breasts, beating
Hearts, honeyed ale Æliana’s poison draft,
Wisdom’s daughter given to base desires,
Her mind so infected without sense nor
Shame, stains far-lasting than ink or iron.
Clockwork of her demise, fate’s pendulum
Began to swing, once for life, then for death.

Romps in meadows amongst tall pines,
Æliana’s fillets lost to springtime breeze,
Romance with certain shepherd’s son, two
Bodies entwined beneath warming sun,
Æliana’s passions rose to orgasmic heights,
To temple pediments vine-overgrown, no
Mother Wisdom, no advising light. Lo!
Another clock within Æliana began to
Tick, one with minute hands, tiny feet.

"Ariadne on Island of Naxos, George Frederick Watts, 1875.
“Ariadne on Island of Naxos, George Frederick Watts, 1875.

Soaring wing, black raven spied Æliana’s
Fillets, adornments woven into her nest.
Legend says she was mother Wisdom so
Transformed, watchful eyes as Æliana
Sped to conflicting fates, one with death,
Another with budding life, knowing babe
Womb-quickening. Would gods permit an
Orphan child of wisdom? Alas! Another
Destiny was recast, life upon Ægean Seas.

Pilgrimage of Ægean Seas begin, pregnant Æliana, on
foot t
o merchant boat docks, following steering winds of fate.

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