"In the Temple," Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1871, WikiArt.
“In the Temple,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1871, WikiArt.

Part 2: Wisdom Personified

Mind and body overwhelmed, writing night
Before, hair undone, fingers ink-stained,
Æliana approached wisdom’s light, temple
Pediments hovering. Prayerful pose taken,
Forehead touching mist-wet stone. “Child,
What troubles you so?” Wisdom asked, her
Thoughts clear as streams. “Mother, I seek
Understanding, how verses on papyri last
Night came to be, disheveled that I am.”

“Realize, it will change who and what you
Are,” Wisdom as luminous cloud advised.
Alas! Starry plains, Æliana agreed, beckoned
Forth by prophesy, she removed blue fillet
From her hair, affixed to spruces where she
Stood. Entering light, Æliana saw others
Like herself, dozen twins in graceful form,
Transcribing ancient texts, dream-implanted
By Mother Wisdom’s mirrored mind.

O! Revelations of rushing tide, Æliana asked,
“Who are they, we?” “Voices of Wisdom,” her
Creator advised. “Personifications of myself,
They bring insight to peopled realms by holy
Scriptures, prose, and verse.” As Wisdom so
Explained, one grew tired, another ushered
Forth. When Æliana stepped from radiant
Light, self-aware Œtean maiden she became,
Beating heart, blesséd purple air she breathed.

"Voices of Evening," Gustave Moreau, 1885, WikiArt.
“Voices of Evening,” Gustave Moreau, 1885, WikiArt.

Blue fillet Æliana retrieved, she witnessed
Dimensions of violet, red, green, domains
Wisdom had conceived. Yet, this maiden
Was unconstrained to temple grounds or
Walls. Arms and legs of flesh and bone,
Æliana strove mountain paths. In equal
Measures of faith and fate, her destiny was
Dark grave. Whilst prophesy was foretold,
Wisdom would determine when fulfilled.

Blessed by wisdom, Æliana was gifted life as mortal
mountain maid, her longevity determined by mercies
given and received, more forthcoming in Part 3.

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