"Pompeian Girl," John William Godward, 1889, Wikiart photo, for this poem Adeia.
“Pompeian Girl,” John William Godward, 1889, Wikiart photo, for this poem Adeia.

Merchant sailing ships rounding Skyros
Island, Black Sea trade routes, recurring
Dreams, scudding clouds, grey cresting
Waves, blue striped sails tearing, mast
Breaking, we overturned, wine amphorae
Toppling in swirling brine, legs and arms
Struggling, descending into darkness.

As a child, I remember Athena’s priest
Advising, “Dying was easier than being
Born.” When my soul ascended into light,
Memories lightning-flashed, accounting
By divine hands welcoming, clouds and
Blue sky, my island home, City of Chora,
Faded in pastel evening light.

Permitted to say goodbye, a knowing voice
Spoke to my mind, “Wait until Adeia slept.”
Just before awakening, I whispered to my
Wife that I loved her, that we would meet
Again. At that moment, my life had ended,
Sea-lost, never to see my family, Greek sun-
Washed shores we loved.

Beyond understanding, I lapsed into time-
Lessness, decades gently passed, as if
Sleeping on my boat, waves rocking, sun
Warming, breezes cooling, an infant bundled
In eternity. Divine voices spoke to another,
Who I next would be, “Remember royal blue
Sails, dark hair and dark eyes.”

Whilst descending into blue depths, dive
Mask and rising bubbles, I remember struggling
Above that shipwreck, lost to love and light,
Adrift in sea currents. In my life anew, I am
An underwater archaeologist, diving and
Exploring, recovering amphorae from past
Ages, briny ruins of ancient Greece.

As I surfaced, sunlight shimmering on azure
Seas, Alexa reached for my hands, dark eyes,
Flowing hair, we have returned, royal blue-
Striped sails billowing in gathering winds,
Rounding Naxos Island, columned temples
Gleaming, love of Greece, our family home,
We are now protected by Ægis of Mount Zeus.

“All…souls are immortal, but the souls of the
righteous are immortal and divine.” ― Socrates

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