"The Shepherdess," William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1873, WikiArt photo.
“The Shepherdess,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1873, WikiArt photo.

Oracular visions Krya instilled, Thracian
Shepherdess, eclipse of sun and cloud, light
Dancing on rippling spring waters, her gaze
Beyond present and mountained countryside.
Ignored at first her trance, pasturelands mist
Rising, winding footpaths stone-paved roads
Became, villages high-walled city-states.

Shimmering light, future was die cast, place-
Ment of hamlet border stones, peasants daily
Passing, where sun-blocking walls of Abdera
Would rise, safety assured therein, banks of
Plunging Nestos River. Yet, cities of ancient
Thrace were not extent of maiden Krya’s sight,
Mind touched by water in pitchers and pails.

O! Potent drugs and magic spells, her family
Feared worse, fevered fits hundred lips and
Tongues, Kyra announced her name, Aeaea,
Sorceress and seer, divination and dæmon,
Chanting spirits wept, time unhinged, wrested
From guiding gods, secrets of decades revealed,
For coin and offerings, Aeaea told unforeseen.

Aeaea cared not pain or pleasure she wrought,
Minds of simple folk torment torn, disease,
Death, and famine at her feet bowed. Thriving
On suffering tears, her visions more intense,
Kyra’s mind dissolved, time-cast to ruins of
Antiquity, Aeaea’s visions knew no bounds,
All those touched, wept their weary woes.

"Lilith," John Collier, 1891, Wikipedia photo.
“Lilith,” John Collier, 1891, Wikipedia photo.

Fiery hair and breasts unbound, words snakes
Entwined, Aeaea visited sacred wells of Abdera,
Sweet water of deep purity, by liquid dancing
Lights, she spread her malignity, widespread
Harm reaching gods and their ethereal realms.
To destroy Aeaea, Abdera could exist no more,
Sacked and burned, stone walls tumbled down.

Flames and fumes, city gates destroyed, Abdera
Foundations still remain, what Krya saw as first
Vision led to destruction, god-faithful farmers
And village-folk lived in serenity, border stones
Marked birth and demise of this ancient Thracian
Town, banks of Nestos River. That realized in
Anguish and grief was cast from mortal sight.

Poem of oracular vision, Kyra, unsuspecting shepherdess,
glimpsed knowing 
reflecting light with visions instilled.
Abdera was an ancient Thracian city and is now a ruin.
Aeaea was the island home of Circe. 


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