“Snowy Landscape, (aka Frost),” Berthe Morisot, 1880, WikiArt.

Part 7: Erenay’s Divine Sight Restored (Last)

Week of snowshoe packing, Erenay slow riding
Horseback, cold camping beneath stands of
Spruces, snow huts, we descended into prairie
Country, Dane-zah peoples suffering with
Hunger on winter cold nights. By torchlight
Galloping Wind greeted us, Erenay collapsing
In his arms. “I have returned what was taken,”
I advised, “Erenay’s place is with her people.”
“By your breath, you raised her from drowning
Death,” countered Galloping Wind. “By custom,
She belongs to you.” Griz and I, Aaron Ross,
Disagreed, Erenay’s mind childlike, by ancient
Rituals, her divine sight restored.

By blazing night bonfires, Dane-zah united in
Song and dance, chanting words to Holy Ones
All but forgotten except by few elders. Flames
Cloud-illuminating, prayers rising higher, gods
On distant mountains awakened from celestial
Hibernation. Bison, ravens, eagles, caribou,
All manner of animal guides smoke swirling,
Standing next to me, Erenay began mumbling,
Words not understood, eyes heaven gazing,
Arms clouds reaching. First fiery glimmer of
Winter-rising sun, all eyes blinded, we fell to
Ground, Ereney’s divine sight restored.

Time unhinged around us, sun backwards rising,
West to east, days unraveling, until Griz and I
First hardware store first met. Then it happened,
No one can explain it. Something stirred inside,
Couldn’t live with myself, bought provisions,
Mule, greenhorn striking out to high prairie. For
Half my food, I partnered up, Griz with taste for
Spirits and tobacco. Few days river travel, we
Encountered Dane-zah peoples, made trades,
No overnight stay. “Before winter sets in, we
Move to high country,” Griz advised. Dane-zah
Peoples canoeing memory, thus began my
Prairie diary, travels of Aaron Ross.

Ending much as it began, this concludes Aaron Ross
poetic series. 
Thanks for reading.

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