Oceanic Visions

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Poetry & Prose

Poetry is my passion. My favorite topics are the ocean, love, and the Arctic, thus the name of this website, “Oceanic Visions.” If someone or event moves me, I often write about it, transforming life (present, past, and/or imaginary) into poetry or prose. In its many forms, poetry enriches our lives. I tend to write in free verse. Through fictional prose, imagination helps to realize potentials, advances new ideas, and moves us towards the future. All poems and prose are copyright © Frances Hennessey, 2021.

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Blogs & Comments

This section is typically reserved for general discussion, ranging from Atlantic fisheries, environmental issues, social issues, and book reviews, particularly “new-to-me” books. While I enjoy my e-reader, I truly love to read old books (or as a necessity, reprints of old books). This is a moderated site; please comment accordingly.

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